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Luxury objects

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Luxury objects

What we do

We carry out luxury turnkey furnishing elements in Verona in "turn key project" mode.
We use marble, onyx, precious stones, metals, steels, aluminum, precious woods, glass and composite materials


3d technology for the survey of existing geometries

3d technology for the design of complex solids and surfaces

If required, we produce scaled prototypes (polymers) using a 3D printer

Thanks to the complete digitalization of the 3D models, in the studio it generates dxf files for the transfer of the same to CN centers.

Production handcrafted by expert and capable hands

Installation and assembly of luxury objects for furniture in Verona



Work well, develop well

The partners we work with

Pietropoli Arredamenti

Arredamenti su misura a Caprino Veronese

Pietropoli Arredamenti


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We transform materials into works of art


Via Napoleone, 22 - 37015 Domegliara (Vr)

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