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Cor_ten winery

The winery is something precious for a wine collection. The atmosphere of wine yard given by wine trees and materico color given by cor-ten. The tree shape has been elaborated by a 3d software and then processed by a idro-jet machine


Leaves set after cutting

Leaves set after cutting

No limit to dimensions and material.

Cnc idro jet working

Cnc idro jet working

The high pressure water jet cutting machine allows to cut a wide range of materials with pure cold water or water mixed with abrasive for very hard materials. The accuracy and the power of the jet allows high precision cutting, even for complex shapes.

Water jet cutting machine tool offers many advantages:
- High precision cutting
- Total preservation of the molecular structure of the cut product
- Ability yo cut heterogeneous materials
- Complex shapes cutting
- Hard materials cutting: hardened steel, aluminum, stainless steel,

The leave after being processed

The leave after being processed

Dxf file sent wireless to our cnc idro-jet machine allows to do it easily and fast. Of course any profile can be customized.



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